How to Bulid a Cheap Paintball Field?

Answer This is for the people who feel like they get ripped off at regular fields.

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How to Make a Paintball Field?

If you have a few friends that have paintball guns and a good-sized plot of land, then you can make your own paintball field easily. Try these steps and see how fun (and cheap!) it is to do.

How to Play the Woodsball Field (Paintball)?

You've been with your friends a couple of time, but they blow you away each time, you don't know why, they have been giving hints here and there but they aren't very good teachers, well this will h... Read More »

How to Make a Paintball Field out of Every Day Yard Materials?

If you love paintball and hate to get ripped off going to fields that cost so much money, you might as well save up your money and make your own field so you and your friends can have much more fun.

Cheap HDMI Field monitor?

Have a look around for a portable DVD player with Twin (two) screens. Some of them have comp-in. you may find one that has HDMI. I have one that I use in the car to monitor my Sony HC3 as driving a... Read More »