How to Build up to Long Runs?

Answer If you’ve been running regularly, you might want to set your sights on doing a longer race, like a 10K or a half marathon, or similar. Here is some advice on building up your regular running and ... Read More »

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Why a long jumper runs before jumping?

Because jumping in place wont get you very far.To generate and store energy just before the leap. this gets them higher threshold velocity

What type of video cable for long runs?

Use a balun!These devices convert video and audio so it can be send using Cat 5. The one in this link can send Component Video. It's good for about 1000 Ft. So your several hundred should be fine.h... Read More »

How to Change How Long the Screensaver Runs in Windows?

The screensaver changes the display on a computer after a specified amount of time to ensure privacy and prevent "burn-in" on the monitor. You can customize screensavers to suite your needs. For ex... Read More »

How to Boost an HDMI Signal for Long Cable Runs?

High-definition multimedia interface cables offer a pure digital connection for devices like Blu-Ray, satellite and cable. Unique to HDMI cabling is the ability to carry lossless audio and high-de... Read More »