How to Build up Muscle Quickly?

Answer The key to building muscle fast is a structured diet, exercise and getting proper rest. Your body needs an increase in calories, proper muscle stimulus and recovery time for optimal growth. Here ar... Read More »

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Do electronic muscle stimulators build muscle?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsThe Food and Drug Administration has approved electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) devices for the treatment of specific medical conditions. This includes the preventi... Read More »

How to gain muscle quickly as a 15 year old boy.?

Well getting muscles you can't do fast but get into a routine to help you loose body weigh I go for a jog every morning I eat lots of fruit and meat also don't have any drugs or beer they will rui... Read More »

What should I do to gain muscle quickly?

You want to gain your weight you should eat more dairy products, fish and meat over bread. Choose more protein food like eggs, fruits and vegetables. •You should be eating at least 2,000 calories... Read More »

How to Build Muscle?

Your body builds muscle naturally in response to strenuous activity. But if your daily routine doesn't involve challenging your muscles to grow, how do you trigger the muscle-building process? It d... Read More »