How to Build and Maintain a Private World of Warcraft Server on Linux?

Answer World of Warcraft is a vastly popular online computer game played by millions of people around the world. While the majority of game servers are maintained by the game's creators, Blizzard, a group... Read More »

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Wtf world of warcraft server down?

Tommy take your attitude out of here. Tuesday's are regular maintenance days. While I figured the servers would be bogged down b/c of tomorrow (at midnights) release… Gawd I am so excited. I have... Read More »

How to Buy World of Warcraft Virtual Currency Without Risking Your World of Warcraft Account?

Buying World of Warcraft gold is heatedly discussed by World of Warcraft players, but buying World of Warcraft gold can be highly risky. This article give some tips on how to reduce the risk when y... Read More »

Converting Windows server files to a Linux server?

Just copy the data over that all you need to do!!!!!!!Libre office will open all microsoft office files.The problem you may have are contact lists and databases. ( a bit of googling will find the a... Read More »

Question about Windows server and Linux server?

Samba is what you are looking for. It may be installed with your Linux server.…