How to Build an OBD2 Code Reader?

Answer Most vehicles have an internal computer that monitors and records information on just about every feature on the car. Typically, you do not see this data, but it is always possible to view the info... Read More »

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Obd2 code reader?

Read the Manual.…

How to Retrieve an OBD2 Code?

Find out if your engine's computer has any stored error codes by retrieving them with an OBD2 scanner. The OBD2 code system was designed to make error codes universal and easily accessible. Scanner... Read More »

How to Build an OBD2 Scanner?

OBD2 is an upgraded version of the OBD1 connection port that links to a vehicle's central computer. This computer contains information about your vehicle's performance. To access the information fr... Read More »

When Should a Code Be Cleared on an OBD2 Vehicle?

On-Board Diagnostic trouble codes trigger a vehicle's "service engine soon" light. Clearing a trouble code should only be done once the needed repair work has been completed.