How to Build an LED Electric Counter?

Answer An LED electronic counter lets you design circuits like digital clocks and stop watches. In the basic configuration, a binary coded decimal (BCD) counter is used to drive a seven-segment display dr... Read More »

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How to Build an MTG Counter Deck?

An offensive Magic the Gathering player attacks hard and fast while a defensive player defends and waits for an opening to strike. A player with a counter deck takes a third approach and turns an e... Read More »

How to Build Counter Tops Out of Cedar Wood?

Wood counter tops add a simple beauty to a kitchen. They fit into many design styles including country, contemporary and even modern. Look for wood that's hard and has a tight grain. Cedar is a bea... Read More »

How to Build an Electric Car?

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How to Build an Electric Fan?

Have you ever needed an electric fan? Well know you can make one with a few simple bits that you can find at most good hardware stores! Whatever you want to use it for, be it as to cool you down, o... Read More »