How to Build an In-Pond Gravel Filter?

Answer Pond filtration systems come in all sizes and shapes, and you may be confused when deciding how to plan and what to purchase. A pond by nature will and should have some bacteria to retain a natural... Read More »

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How to Build a Goldfish Pond Filter?

Every pond needs a filter, especially ponds that have fish in them. Filters are great for everyone---they keep the water clear so that we can enjoy the fish and they keep the water clean so that th... Read More »

How to Build a Pond Filter System?

Save money and the environment while building a pond filter system. It's better for the fish, too!

How long should bacteria build-up in a pond filter before turning on the UV?

According to Skippy Stuff, the owner of a decorative pond should leave the pond alone for four to eight weeks before turning on the UV filter. This wait period allows the algae on the surface to de... Read More »

What size pond filter do I need for a 1,200 gallon pond?

Once upon a time, finding a filter for an outdoor pond was simple; you divided the volume of the pond by half to find the size of pump needed to power a canister filter. Today, a 1,200 gallon pond ... Read More »