How to Build an Ice Skating Rink?

Answer indoor skating rinkThis only works if you live in a northern climate where it reaches freezing temperatures for a good part of the winter.Rink must be constructed before freeze.

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How big is a roller skating rink?

The average size of a roller skating rink is approximately 18,000 square feet. That includes a skating surface of about 10,000 square feet, or about 70 feet by 150 feet, according to Read More »

How to Roller Blade in a Skating Rink?

Have you ever been invited to go skating but did not know how? This how-to will help you learn.

How much does a roller skating rink cost?

The cost of a roller skating rink is typically about $1,000,000, according to The actual cost varies by rink location, size, materials needed, amenities, cost of land and construction ... Read More »

What is an artificial ice skating rink's surface made of?

While the first artificial ice skating rinks coated plastic with silicone, contemporary synthetic surfaces use plastic polymer technology. When skate blades heat the surface, the polymer melts, rel... Read More »