How to Build an External Laptop Battery?

Answer Replacement laptop batteries can cost a third, if not more, of the price of a new laptop. Discounted prices constantly offered on new laptops often result in people choosing a new laptop instead of... Read More »

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DIY Laptop External Battery?

Factory-made replacement laptop batteries can cost more than a third of the price of a new laptop. The fierce competition and discount prices available on new laptops make it easy to understand why... Read More »

How to Build an External Battery Pack for Laptops?

Most laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries, having replaced nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride because of their high output and lighter weight. Lithium-ion battery cells produce 3.6-vol... Read More »

How can I make a 6v external battery pack for Olympus E10 I'm thinking of using a UB645 6v 4.5 Ah battery connected to my external power jack.?

Sounds like it's possible, but without more information on the specific camera battery and the UB645 battery, there's a chance things `might` go wrong.But if you're wondering if it can be done, yes... Read More »

How to Build a Laptop Battery?

Replacement laptop batteries are expensive, sometimes they can cost in excess of a third of the price of a new laptop. Save a lot of money by building your own external laptop battery that simply p... Read More »