How to Build an Excel Spreadsheet Using Three Variables?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a useful spreadsheet tool that's widely used to compare two variables, such as change over time. It can also be used to compare three variables, using a built-in function that al... Read More »

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How do I build a form that will populate rows of an Excel spreadsheet when "Submit" is clicked (html or .pdf)?

First of all, "paper questionnaires" can not be imported directly into MS-Excel. You would need to run them through a scanner and then use some OCR software against those scans to get the "image" ... Read More »

How to Convert an Excel Workbook to an Excel Spreadsheet?

When you save a spreadsheet in the 2007 version of Microsoft Office Excel, the Excel workbook is the default file format. This format is specifically designed to be used only by the Excel software.... Read More »

How to Use Variables in Excel?

The Windows spreadsheet program Excel can use functions that refer to specific cell references in the same way that a formal programming uses variables. An example of using a variable in Excel woul... Read More »

How to Use Variables in Excel Macros?

Macros in Excel are small programs that simplify repetitive tasks, enable unique processing capabilities and create formulas specific to your industry or needs. They can be very simple and created ... Read More »