How to Build an Agility and Strength Climbing Course?

Answer Have you ever imagined being as agile as a cat? Or really strong? Paying for a gym membership can be expensive, so why not build a simple training course that will give you great results and it won... Read More »

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How to Build a Dog Agility Course?

Dog Agility is a growing sport in which a handler guides their dog through numerous obstacles such as jumps, weaves, and tunnels. If you are interested in dog agility, you may want to know how to s... Read More »

How to Build & Use a Backyard Dog Agility Course?

Dog AgilityIf you like the idea of dog agility, but your dog isn't for that, you don't want to travel to shows, or you don't want the pressure of competition, then Backyard Agility is for you!This ... Read More »

Ball Hockey Strength & Agility Training?

Training for ball hockey is similar to training for ice hockey in that a lot of the same muscle groups are used for both sports. Taking ice hockey exercises and transferring them to ball hockey is ... Read More »

What rope is good for strength climbing?

The 1.5 inch Indoor Manila Gym Climbing Rope is a top selection for strength climbing. The rope comes in five lengths of 15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 feet. It comes with a secure shackle and is made from ... Read More »