How to Build a Whelping Box?

Answer Proper steps to build a whelping box to fit the need of a average pet owner to the seasoned professional.This design is simple yet effective for whelping mothers.

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What is a whelping box?

When dealing with dog breeding, you may come across the term "whelping box." The whelping box is an important part of dog delivery for a variety of reasons. Knowing the ins and outs of a whelping b... Read More »

What can be used as a whelping box?

A whelping box provides a safe place for the mom to give birth and keep puppies contained and warm for the first few weeks of development. Options and requirements will vary greatly based on the br... Read More »

How to Borrow a Whelping Box?

When a female dog gives birth to her puppies, an event known as "whelping," she is most comfortable and her puppies are protected if the whelping takes place inside a whelping box. A whelping box h... Read More »

Whelping Symptoms in a Dog?

For a female dog, the process of giving birth is known as whelping. A dog's gestation period generally lasts a little more than two months, and as the time to deliver her pups approaches, you will ... Read More »