How to Build a Web Page & Mail Server?

Answer When you establish a web page, it's professional to use an email account that matches the URL address. A number of online web hosting providers allow you to build a web page while also establishing... Read More »

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What is the difference between a send mail server&an exchange mail server?

Both Sendmail and Exchange servers offer an easy way to transport email over a local network or the Internet. Sendmail offers fewer features than Exchange, and while Sendmail is intended for users ... Read More »

What's the Best E-mail Server?

By too much gets in, do you mean into your inbox, or into your junk box? The junkbox is there for just that, and i doubt many email things exist that will block an email completely - because thats ... Read More »

What does POP mail server mean?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol--POP3 is the latest version--and describes one way in which emails are handled by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. When someone sends you an email, it is ... Read More »

What does POP mail server stand for?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. Along with IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), POP is the most widely used Internet protocol for accessing email servers. The POP standard is the more basi... Read More »