How to Build a Tufted Titmouse Nestbox?

Answer Tufted TitmouseTufted Titmice are cute little birds. Make a nestbox for them and get the opportunity to watch their young grow up. Meanwhile, you'll provide a place for other songbirds to live in.

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How to Build a Chickadee Nestbox?

ChickadeeChickadees are cheerful little birds. You can make a nestbox for them and watch the parents raise their babies from your own yard. Even if you don't get chickadees, you may attract other s... Read More »

How to Build a Western Bluebird Nestbox?

The western bluebird is a lovely creature. Build a Nestbox for them and enjoy watching them raise their babies.

How to Build a Tufted Headboard for a Bed?

A tufted headboard can add instant elegance to a bedroom. The tufts pull the fabric back at regular intervals creating the suggestion that the headboard is soft. Building a tufted headboard is easy... Read More »

Difference Between Titmouse & Titmice?

The difference between Titmouse and Titmice is the number of birds. Titmice is the plural of the name Titmouse. These are small, active birds out of a grouping of 13 related species in four genera.... Read More »