How to Build a Timer Out of Plastic Tubing for a Science Project?

Answer Science projects are an exciting opportunity to tie science concepts to tangible phenomena in real life. You can use the fact that oil is more dense than alcohol, and therefore will sink in a mixtu... Read More »

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How to Make Plastic for a Science Project for Students?

Plastics are in many objects we use every day. They can be natural, made from natural materials, or synthetic, which are made from materials such as petroleum oil. Students will be amazed that they... Read More »

How to Build a Science Project?

This article will explain the steps involved in preparing to build a science project. The possibilities for a science project are endless, but good preparation will ensure a good outcome.

How to Build a Hovercraft Science Project?

According to A.H. Hashmi's book, "Transport," Sir Christopher Cockerell patented the original hovercraft in 1955. Today the hovercraft provides comfortable transportation over land, water and ice.... Read More »

How to Build a Speaker for a Science Project?

A speaker is a device that is used to project sound. Many household devices use speakers such as televisions, computers and radios. Without speakers, we would not be able to hear some of the many s... Read More »