How to Build a Swamp Bed?

Answer If you are lost in a swampy or muddy area and need a quick shelter, consider building a swamp bed, which will keep you dry until you can continue on your way the next morning.

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Why use a swamp cooler?

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, chill air using water evaporation, the same process that makes temperatures cooler near running rivers or waterfalls. The effectiveness of a swamp... Read More »

How to Walk in a Swamp?

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How do I run a swamp cooler?

Use of swamp coolersKeep the pads wet and the water flowing since swamp or evaporative coolers work by a fan drawing in warm air from outside and blowing it through wet pads. You can also use the f... Read More »

How to Play Swamp Monster?

Swamp Monster is a fun game that doesn't really require many things to play. It is similar to tag and fun to play in the dark. Must have at least 3 players.