How to Build a Surround Shower?

Answer The walls of your shower are called a "surround," because they literally surround you as you stand in it. The wall structure is the same as any other wall, but it must be covered in a waterproof ma... Read More »

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How to Fix a Broken Tub and Shower Surround?

A broken tub and shower surround can lead to water damage and problems with mold. Removing your old tub and shower is expensive and difficult, and may involve tearing out the walls and floor. Howev... Read More »

Setting a Shower Surround?

The areas around a shower-bathtub combo are subject to a lot of water, both directly and through humidity levels. If you just have drywall or plaster up on the walls, over time, you may have proble... Read More »

Can I use regular drywall under a shower tub surround?

Generally, you should not use drywall behind a shower tub surround. Cement backer board is the standard for preventing water damage. However, there are new, prefabricated shower systems on the mark... Read More »

How do I clean a stained shower surround?

Remove StainsObserve the color of the stain on your shower surround to determine the proper cleaning solution. Remove red or brown rust stains by applying a paste made from borax and lemon juice. A... Read More »