How to Build a Sparrow House?

Answer Birds are one of nature's most delightful species. Bird watchers and enthusiasts really enjoy watching and being around them. Back yards and landscapes which are bird-friendly will not lack for bir... Read More »

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How to Build a Sparrow Bird House?

Small, active and musical, sparrows (families Passeridae and Emberizidae) are common songbirds across North America. Different species live in every possible habitat, from city streets to isolated ... Read More »

How to Raise a Baby House Sparrow?

Male House SparrowIf you've found a baby House Sparrow, and you're sure it's an orphan, follow these instructions to learn how to care for it. House Sparrows are not native and it is okay to keep o... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Full Grown House Sparrow?

A Sparrow on a branchA Sparrow is a fun bird to care for. But it can be very hard[1] to care for. Especially when you don't know the difference of taking care of wild or bought.

Build a house of mud or adobe is cheaper than a brick house?

in the proper climate. they also use mud over haybales for high r value house.