How to Build a Social Life as a Senior Citizen?

Answer When a mature person loses a spouse, a close friend, or even a pet, it can be very easy to lose perspective on life. It is all too easy slip into sadness and seclusion and stop relating with people... Read More »

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When does a senior citizen on Social Security stop filing taxes?

Social Security is considered income by the federal government. You must determine each year if you need to pay taxes on your pension, Social Security and retirement benefits income by comparing th... Read More »

How to Build a Social Life?

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How to Write a Senior Citizen Pen Pal?

There are more than 41 people age 65 and older in the United States as of 2011, according to the CIA. A number of those seniors live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities and have little ... Read More »

Can a senior citizen use snowshoes?

On One Hand: There Are No Age RestrictionsBecause it is one of the few winter sports that does not depend upon speed or sliding, snowshoeing is considered to be safe. Snowshoeing involves the natur... Read More »