How to Build a Slackline?

Answer Walking 100ft line at the Squamish, B.C. Slacklining ParkMaybe you've tried a friend’s slackline, or read the How to Walk a Slackline featured article, and now you're keen to figure out how you c... Read More »

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How to Walk a Slackline?

If you’ve ever wanted to walk a tightrope high above the circus floor but got nervous just thinking about it, slacklining may be for you. Slacklining, an increasingly popular practice in the bala... Read More »

How to Slackline: Jump Line To Line?

Jumping line-to-line is an advanced slack-line skill requiring great balance. This skill has several forms, one of which involves jumping forward on the lineand landing a few feet from where you st... Read More »

Is this a good desktop build or could you build anything better for the same price or less?

Get a 660Ti or a 7870 insted.I think what the other guy meant to say was "Why are you torrenting it instead" lol

If you were to build a new PC - Would you build a Dual CPU machine or not?

Sure. But after adding up the costs of all the parts and software, I would go over to the DELL website and compare. You'd probably save money and have a decent machine.