How to Build a Simple Nest Box for Garden Birds?

Answer If you enjoy having the birds in your garden and watching them feed and make a home within your view, here is a guide for making a very simple bird house. The instructions have been tested.

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Why do baby birds fall out of the nest?

Baby birds, or altricial neonate (literally, "newborns requiring nourishment"), often fall out of the nest to be found by well-meaning humans who assume they're orphans. However, for many species o... Read More »

How to Keep Birds From Building a Nest Behind the Shutters?

Birds tend to nest behind shutters because shutters provide a quiet, peaceful area. The problem is, what works for the bird doesn't always work for the homeowner. Birds leave droppings and nesting ... Read More »

At what age do baby birds leave the nest?

Nesting and fledging times for baby birds vary depending on the species. For example, northern cardinal babies stay in the nest for 7 to 13 days, while red-tailed hawk young are nestlings for 42 to... Read More »

Texas Birds That Nest on the Ground?

Ground-dwelling birds are bird species who spend the majority of their life on the ground, as opposed to living in trees or flying. Many of these birds lay their nest on the ground underneath shrub... Read More »