How to Build a Simple Nerf Fence?

Answer Every Nerf, Airsoft and Paintball fan needs a good fence to take cover behind. Here, I'll show you how to build a simple and effective fence. As a bonus, it's totally portable! (Please note that th... Read More »

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How to Build a Simple Wooden Fence?

Wooden fences have been separating property for centuries. Fences are typically simple, but some are simpler than others. One of these is the picket fence. To keep it simple plan on using ready ma... Read More »

How to Build Nerf Bunkers?

You want to stay unhit during a nerf war? Follow these easy steps to have the advantage in a Nerf War!

How to Build a Nerf Fort?

Ever been in a NERF war and you never have a base good enough to keep the other players out? With these simple steps you can make a great one.

How to Build a Successful Nerf War Fort?

To win a Nerf battle you need a good base. It will protect your team,your guns/ammo, and possibly your flag (if capture the flag).