How to Build a Raft out of Scrap Wood?

Answer If you don't have all the perfect wood or you want to impress your friends then keep reading and soon enough you will have your own raft!

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How do I build a wood raft?

Many people enjoy the adventure and freedom of being out on the water. What could be better than spending time on the water on a raft that you built yourself? Some people think it is a great advent... Read More »

Things You Can Build With Scrap Wood?

Leftover pieces of scrap wood from building projects quickly take over storage space. If left in the elements, they rot or get infested with termites. Instead of taking them to the landfill, use th... Read More »

How to Build a Log Raft?

If you want to fulfill that Huckleberry Finn fantasy adventure of camping on a log raft, here is a good way to build one

How to Build an Ocean Raft?

An ocean raft is a floating structure that is flat and commonly used for transporting people over ocean water. Unlike a boat, a basic raft does not have a hull and rarely has a motorized engine. Ra... Read More »