How to Build a Raft With Soda Bottles?

Answer While rafts come in many shapes and sizes and are made from many materials, they all share the same basic mechanics of working through trapped air. A common recyclable material found in many kitche... Read More »

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How to Make a Raft out of Plastic Bottles?

Read this if you want to know how to recycle plastic bottles in a fun and innovative way; by making a raft! Follow this step by step guide.

Can soda in soda cans/bottles disappear over time?

If you have ever looked at the inside of a bottle cap you would see plastic lining the cap. That lining is not completely air tight. It is good enough for short term storage but for long term sto... Read More »

How to Build a Log Raft?

If you want to fulfill that Huckleberry Finn fantasy adventure of camping on a log raft, here is a good way to build one

How do I build a wood raft?

Many people enjoy the adventure and freedom of being out on the water. What could be better than spending time on the water on a raft that you built yourself? Some people think it is a great advent... Read More »