How to Build a Radiator Cover?

Answer While radiators offer an excellent source of heat, they can be an eyesore during the remainder of the year. One solution is to build a radiator cover that helps to disguise the device and make it e... Read More »

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Instructions for Changing a 1300 VTX Radiator Grille Cover?

A radiator grille is a great addition to any motorcycle. The grilles are fully customizable and allow you to show off your bike in a nontraditional way. Changing out the radiator grille on a 1300 V... Read More »

How do I build a firewood cover?

Firewood needs to be seasoned to burn efficiently and produce a bright, hot flame. This means that fresh firewood will need to be allowed to dry out fully. Once the water vapor evaporates fully, th... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Tire Cover?

When you buy an SUV from a dealership, usually there is not a cover on the spare tire. And if there is a cover, it mostly likely serves as an advertisement for the dealership. This is why many peop... Read More »

How to Build a Patio Cover out of Wood?

A patio cover can be built that looks like an extension of your house. It can jut out over the patio or constructed to be free standing. You can build a patio cover out of wood by first deciding on... Read More »