How to Build a Pitchers Mound?

Answer A regulation pitcher's mound is a raised section in the middle of a baseball diamond where a pitcher stands to throw a pitch. A pitcher's mound is typically made of clay, sand and dirt and stands 1... Read More »

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How do i build a pitcher's mound out of wood?

Most pitching mounds incorporate a combination of dense clay and dirt used from the infield. However, costs or lack of available materials may require you to use wood to build your mound. You'll ne... Read More »

TheraBand Exercises for Pitchers?

Pitchers need strong muscles in the rotator cuff, upper back and shoulders. With that strength also comes the need for flexibility. The overhand motion of pitching in baseball is an unnatural motio... Read More »

Weight Room Workouts for Pitchers?

It was once thought that lifting weights was detrimental to pitchers, the idea being that larger muscles would make them less flexible and hinder movement. Nolan Ryan became one of the first great ... Read More »

Are Brita pitchers dishwasher safe?

The official Brita website does not clarify whether or not Brita pitchers are dishwasher safe. It does state, however, that the pitcher/dispenser, reservoir and lid should be hand washed with mild ... Read More »