How to Build a Paragraph?

Answer In the American English language, one of the most important composition lessons taught in grade school is how to properly build a paragraph. A paragraph consists of several sentences that are put t... Read More »

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Microsoft Word 2007 Help! What is the quickest way to move text from the first paragraph to the last paragraph?

Select/Highlight it, cut it, and paste it.

How to End the First Paragraph in a Five Paragraph Essay Outline?

The five paragraph essay is a classic format for composition writing. Though it is not the only format that can be used for writing an essay, it is a simple model of for you to consider using whil... Read More »

How to Transition Into a New Paragraph?

Good transitions in an article set the stage for the following paragraph, as well as demonstrate the intended relationships between the ideas the writer is presenting. A good transition from paragr... Read More »

How to Start a Paragraph?

The first sentence of a paragraph is a topic sentence. In an effective paragraph the topic sentence will introduce the subject of the paragraph without giving too much or too little information. It... Read More »