How to Build a Model of a Killer Whale?

Answer Creating a model of a Killer Whale can be done in a number of ways, depending on what materials you have. It can be done most simply using white and black Play-Doh. However, if learning how to make... Read More »

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How to Draw a Killer Whale?

Fast fact! Killer whales or Orcas, are more related to dolphins than whales. They may look cute but be warned that these animals are known to be one of the top predators in the ocean!Learn to draw ... Read More »

Is an orca the same thing as a killer whale?

The orca, or "killer" whale, "is the largest member of the dolphin family," according to the National Parks Conservation Association. Orcas are carnivorous predators that feed on a variety of anima... Read More »

Preschool Killer Whale Activities?

Killer whales are fascinating creatures and preschool children are often intrigued by these animals as well as their environment. Integrating science, art, physical activity and literature creative... Read More »

How many bones are in a killer whale's body?

Killer whales have approximately 124 bones, according to OceanLink's website. This includes 50 to 52 vertebrae, 11 to 12 pairs of ribs, 21 phalanges, and 30 bones in the cranium, face, and lower ja... Read More »