How to Build a Miniature Crocodile Habitat?

Answer Miniature crocodiles are not pets for the faint of heart. The term "miniature" or "dwarf" is relative when discussing crocodiles. Full-sized crocodiles grow as long as 12 to 14 feet. Miniature spec... Read More »

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Crocodile Habitat School Project?

Crocodiles are said to have descended of the dinosaurs, according to Croc Site, and can live in either fresh or salt water habitats. The oversized reptiles may be found on almost all continents inc... Read More »

How to Build a Miniature Car?

Miniature cars are enjoyed by children of all ages. Hours on the kitchen floor or in the sandbox can be passed racing miniature cars. Electronic toys may be plentiful, but a basic toy car is still ... Read More »

How to Build a Miniature Toy Catapult?

The medieval, gigantic catapults of the middle ages are tough to create today. Luckily, you can make a smaller one for your enjoyment.

How to Build a Miniature Church?

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