How to Build a Leather Saddle?

Answer Saddles can be expensive, and it's frustrating to spend a lot of money for a saddle that may not fit or feel right. It's important to have a good saddle that will provide stability and comfort dur... Read More »

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What do I use to clean saddle leather?

Saddle soap is designed specifically to clean the type of leather used to make saddles. To use saddle soap, simply dampen a clean cloth and dip it in the can of saddle soap. Work up a good lather a... Read More »

How to Clean an English Leather Saddle?

Cleaning a saddle for the first time can be hard and confusing. It's important to do it right, so read these instructions carefully.

How to Clean a Western Leather Saddle?

Whether your Western saddle cost several hundred or several thousand dollars, it is important to keep it clean and well maintained. A saddle that is properly cared for can provide many years of tro... Read More »

How do I get mold off of leather saddle bags?

Cleaning with SiliconeCleaning leather saddlebags is easily accomplished by using any one of three methods. The safest method is using a thin coat of either common floor wax or silicone resins. How... Read More »