How to Build a Histogram?

Answer A histogram is a type of graph used to represent a set of information. The graph rests on an L-shaped grid and uses rectangles in its data representation. Creating a histogram involves gathering th... Read More »

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What does the bin mean in a histogram?

Bins are representations for groups or classes of data within a histogram. The term bin is used to explain how values that fall within a certain range or that are of a particular class are "placed ... Read More »

Histogram Characteristics?

A histogram is a tool used to graphically present information. Commonly, histograms are presented as bar charts used to show relationships between data; they are used for many types of information.... Read More »

How to Draw a Histogram?

A histogram is a graph that shows the frequency, or the number of times, something happens within a specific interval. A histogram is similar to a bar chart; however, the area represented by the hi... Read More »

What Is a Histogram in Photoshop?

Although a digital camera's LCD screen shows a preview of your photographs, you can't see the fine exposure-related details. Are the highlight areas overexposed? Can you see detail in the shadow ar... Read More »