How to Build a Good Park in Sim Park?

Answer A screen shot of Sim Park. Note how the older trees are taller than the younger ones.Sim Park is a very interesting and fun Sims game. Building a park in it can be very exciting, but also very diff... Read More »

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How much will it cost to park in Selfridges Car Park in Birmingham, UK for one day?

It will cost you £16 to park at the Moor Street car park in Birmingham for 8-plus hours. The car park is one of three at the Bullring, which is a major shopping complex in the middle of Birmingham... Read More »

How to Build a Dog Park?

Dog parks are areas where dogs and dog owners come to enjoy themselves. Building a dog park would be a benefit to you and your community... but you don't know how. Read on!

How to Build a Park Bench?

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How to Build a Park Ranger House?

Construction of a house for a park ranger must meet all the building code requirements of any other house in its governmental jurisdiction and follow all the steps in a conventional house construct... Read More »