How to Build a Ghillie Suit?

Answer Ghillie suit KitOnce you have decided a ghillie suit is for you, the next step is to decide whether to build or to buy. If you're going to build, will you do it with a kit or from scratch? If from ... Read More »

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How to Build a Cheap Ghillie Suit?

This ghillie suit shouldn't come to more than £25-30. It doesn't require any tools, just the materials that make up the final product. It is based on the S.D.S standard ghillie.

Why is a ghillie suit called a ghillie suit?

The ghillie suits were named after a group of Scottish hunters, known as Ghillies. When the First World War erupted, they wore those same suits as they wandered into no-man's-land to take up positi... Read More »

How to Use Your Ghillie Suit?

Ghillie suit is a military-type camouflage, an ultimate form of staying invisible. Before you start reading, you should read on how to make a ghillie suit. Or if you are lazy, you can buy one from ... Read More »

When was a Ghillie Suit invented?

The History of the Ghillie Suit, begins during the 19th Century in Scotland.