How to Build a Garden Pond?

Answer Water brings a new dimension to any garden, allowing you to grow a wider range of plants and to rear some attractive fish - not to mention all the wildlife that will be drawn to your new pond. A we... Read More »

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How do I install a garden pond?

Adding a pond to your garden can give a nice area for you or your guests to relax in. Backyard ponds come in all shapes and sizes so you have a huge selection when it comes to what will be right fo... Read More »

Garden Pond Safety?

Garden ponds can a beautiful addition to any landscape. They can offer a spot of serenity and become the focal point of any garden. Though attractive, ponds can cause unnecessary drownings if poorl... Read More »

How to Add Fish to a Garden Pond?

Before you can add fish to a garden pond you have to create a stable pond environment. A stable pond environment is one in which water quality parameters naturally resist change. Plants and wildlif... Read More »

Garden and Pond Plants?

Pond plants and garden plants are not mutually exclusive. Although water hyacinths, lotus and waterlilies require standing water in order to grow, other pond plants like lobelia and iris do well in... Read More »