How to Build a Fuel System to Run on Nitrous?

Answer Nitrogen oxide gas, also known as nitrous, is non-inflammable and when mixed with fuel provides additional oxygen, allowing burning of more fuel, thus increasing engine power. Two nitrous systems a... Read More »

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Are there drugs (like nitrous oxide) that can be fun yet not really harmful (like nitrous) on their own?

No, I'm pretty sure there is nothing approved by the FDA or any medical/pharmacological organization.

How to Remove Pressure From the Fuel System for Replacing the Fuel Pump?

The fuel system pressurizes fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel-injection systems meter the fuel injected for the cylinders by controlling the length of time the injectors are open. To inje... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Dry or Wet Nitrous Kit?

Nitrous oxide is an additive to fuel/air mixtures that can provide an extreme boost in power. It uses the same principle that causes dense or cool air to make more power under the right circumstanc... Read More »

How to Wire a Nitrous Solenoid?

When wiring a nitrous solenoid, the fuel solenoid must also be wired into the same circuit. Whether you're using a nitrous oxide plate under a carburetor or foggers in the intake manifold, fuel mus... Read More »