How to Build a Fuel Cell?

Answer Fuel cells produce electrical energy by chemical reaction. While they can use such feeder fuels as alcohol, gasoline or methane, fuel cells used in spacecraft and other specialized applications use... Read More »

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How to Build a Hydrogen Gas Cell?

Typically used in aerospace engineering or some green vehicles, a hydrogen fuel cell can be constructed at home or in class to illustrate the universal process of electromagnetism and how two vastl... Read More »

What is a hydrogen fuel cell?

With increasing attention given to environmentally friendly energy options, hydrogen has become a star player. The potential of hydrogen's applicability to this green energy revolution can best be ... Read More »

How To Make a Homemade Fuel Cell?

Fuel cells are gaining in popularity as people look for a way to create or use fuel that does not require oil. You can make fuel cells at home and used as an alternative energy source. They are mor... Read More »

What is in a Paslode fuel cell?

"Paslode" is a brand name for cordless tools and equipment used in construction and maintenance work that are powered by compressed gases contained in small "fuel cells." The "fuel cells" contain c... Read More »