How to Build a Filter of Moss (Biofiltration for Aquaria)?

Answer Propelling water through a lit filter with a bubble bar will remove ammonia and phosphate.

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What is biofiltration water treatment?

Biofiltration refers to the practice of using a system of plants and soil to filter harmful pollutants from rainwater runoff.Low-Impact DevelopmentBecause it uses natural processes, biofiltration i... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Pop Filter?

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How can I build my own aquarium filter?

Aquarium life---fish, turtles and aquarium plants---produce wastes that need to be removed from the water to ensure optimal aquarium health. Although in some cases, the life itself can remove some ... Read More »

How to Build a Canister Filter?

Aquariums can be expensive to maintain, so building some of the necessary equipment yourself can save you money. One piece of machinery that is very easy to make yourself is a canister filter. This... Read More »