How to Build a Diamond Kite from Scratch?

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Who invented the diamond kite?

No one is certain how or where the diamond shaped kite was invented. The earliest text account of this kite style was recorded in a 1618 manuscript from Middleburg, Holland, which displayed an illu... Read More »

Where did the diamond kite originate?

The familiar-shaped diamond kite originated in Asia, most likely in China, where people used them for recreation and sport. The earliest diamond kites were called "fighter kites" and were very popu... Read More »

How to Make a Diamond Kite?

A diamond-shaped kite is easy to make and will fly in even the lowest wind speeds. These instructions will show you how to make a simple diamond shaped kite from paper. There are more complex desig... Read More »

How to Make a Diamond Shaped Kite?

The warm spring breeze begins to blow after a long hard winter. Your adrenaline surges as you run across the empty field and the air lifts the kite from your hand and pulls it into the sky. You wit... Read More »