How to Build a Credit History with American Express?

Answer The American Express Credit card, also referred to as AMEX, is one of the oldest credit cards in circulation. Founded in 1882, American Express originally focused on money orders and traveler's che... Read More »

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Does an American Express gold card improve credit history?

On One Hand: Properly Used, It CanAn American Express gold card can be used to improve your credit history and credit score when properly used. American Express doesn't report balances, so credit b... Read More »

Does the American Express green charge card build credit?

On One Hand: As Much as Any Other CardAccording to retired loan officer Bartt Brick, the American Express Green Card builds credit just like any other card. Although it has slightly different benef... Read More »

Is an American Express card credit or debit?

The American Express card is a credit card. Unlike debit cards, the American Express card has no bank account behind it from which it draws funds. Some American Express cards allow holders to car... Read More »

How much credit is there on an American Express black card?

American Express's black card is formally known as the Centurion Card. The card doesn't have a fixed spending limit. The Centurion Card is by invitation only and requires the users to spend $250,00... Read More »