How to Build a Concrete Block Wall Without Cement?

Answer A stacked, mortarless concrete block wall provides the appearance of a solid barrier without using cement. Many interlocking block and brick products on the market allow you to build a wall without... Read More »

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How do I install an exterior wall light on a cement block wall?

To install a light onto an exterior wall made of cement or cinderblock, you will need to use anchors made especially for masonry. You can pick these up at any hardware store. You will also need mas... Read More »

What cement is used in concrete block walls?

Concrete blocks (called concrete masonry units) are composed of a mixture of powdered portland cement, sand, water, and gravel. Concrete blocks are used in the construction of concrete walls. Concr... Read More »

Can you apply styrofoam ceiling tiles to a cement block wall?

You can apply Styrofoam to a cement block wall and it will add a little insulation. You will have to use a strong adhesive, and if you decide you do not like it anymore, it is a lot of work to take... Read More »

Concrete Block Wall Ideas?

Concrete block walls are a designer's nightmare because the walls have a dull and unattractive finish. Unfortunately, many homes, including older homes and modern houses, feature some form of concr... Read More »