How to Build a Compass?

Answer A compass is used to locate magnetic north for the purpose of navigation. Using the natural magnetic field of the earth, compasses are used by outdoor enthusiasts, boaters and other travelers. When... Read More »

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How to Build a Unique Compass?

Finding your way and keeping the proper direction while on a short or long journey has been an eternal issue for human beings. That's why compasses, tools which indicate the various directions: nor... Read More »

Why gyro compass is used in ships instead of magnetic compass?

Because a ship is made of metal, which can affect the accuracy of a standard magnetic compass. Also, a gyrocompass is is better able to point to the true north, which is more accurate to navigation... Read More »

Why is a compass rose called a compass rose?

A compass rose is the circular diagram commonly found on charts and maps, indicating the points of a compass. Because the directional points were thought to resemble rose petals, the diagram was ca... Read More »

Why is the compass rose named the compass rose?

The compass rose used to be known as the "wind rose" and was used to calculate direction based on wind. Map-makers began to use the wind rose as a compass to calculate direction, and thus it became... Read More »