How to Build a Chicken Nesting Box?

Answer Chickens like having a safe place to lay their eggs. You can help them out by providing them with a nesting box!

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What do you put in a chicken nesting box?

Chicken nesting boxes are commonly included in chicken coops for hens that lay and roost.FunctionChicken nesting boxes are clean, dry areas where hens can have privacy and lay their eggs. Every chi... Read More »

How to Design Chicken Nesting Boxes?

Keeping chickens can require significant time and patience before egg laying can begin. Luckily, most hens are not exceptionally picky about their choice in nesting sites, and there is no need to i... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Chicken Nesting Boxes?

If you've decided to keep just a couple of chickens, you might not want to go to the expense and trouble of building an elaborate hen house or chicken coop. Perhaps they will roost in the barn, or ... Read More »

How to Build a Parakeet Nesting Box?

Parakeets do not build nests in the wild but use holes in trees to lay eggs. You can build your own nesting box for your parakeet pair with a minimum of tools. You can be assured the box will be l... Read More »