How to Build a Charcoal Forge?

Answer This charcoal forge good for making small knives and artMetal Working is fun and a great hobby, but you can't metal work without a forge. There are many types of forges: Gas, coal, coke, propane, a... Read More »

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How to Build a Gas Forge?

The principle of a forge is to combine flame, fuel and directed airflow into a central hub, usable for heating metal items before the hammering process of blacksmithing. This small propane gas forg... Read More »

How to Build a Blacksmith Forge?

Homesteaders who mastered the art of blacksmithing utilized their skills to create utensils, pothooks, furniture, candle holders and more. The blacksmith's forge is where the fire is held for heati... Read More »

Is it safe to add a little charcoal to my gas grill to get that charcoal flavor?

Never add charcoal to a gas grill. Gas grills are not built to withstand high temperatures and can explode. Use charcoal scented wood chips instead to get that nice charcoal flavor.References:Propa... Read More »

Are charcoal briquettes the same as activated charcoal?

Although similar on the surface, charcoal briquettes and activated charcoal are very different. They may have a number of similar elements, namely carbon, but the properties and purity of that carb... Read More »