How to Build a Cervelo P2C With SRAM Red GXP?

Answer Giga X Pipe, or GXP, is a design of bicycle bottom bracket manufactured by Sram. The Sram Red GXP bottom bracket uses external bearing cartridges and features a hollow center for housing the crank ... Read More »

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Is static random access memory named SRAM?

Static Random Access Memory is SRAM. The "static" term contrasts with the fact that the data held in dynamic RAM (DRAM) must be refreshed constantly. The contents of SRAM stay until the power is tu... Read More »

Is there a way to recover data from an sram card?

SRAM refers to a specific type of volatile RAM that operates like the more common DRAM versions but uses different types of circuitry to store data. This system allows SRAM to possess some of the q... Read More »

I want to build a lab with 600 workstations and the lab has been assigned with the IP address

a) Assuming you only had that /24 block, no, exhaustion of address spaceb) Either obtain an additional block or two of IPv4 addresses to facilitate 600 host addresses or implement a NAT deployment ... Read More »

How to Build Something With an Old PC?

For the creative designer or crafter, an old computer that no longer functions and isn't wanted offers some interesting project possibilities. Computers are, after all, interesting to look at in ma... Read More »