How to Build a Car Battery Charger?

Answer A battery is used to supply starting power and accessory power to different parts of a vehicle. If these accessories are left on for an extended period without the engine running, the battery's pow... Read More »

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How to Build a DC Battery Charger?

Battery chargers are used to recharge rechargable batteries. These chargers come in a wide variety of sizes and power output. As more power is needed, the battery charger will grow in side due to t... Read More »

How to Build a 36-Volt Battery Charger?

Secondary-cell batteries, such as lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride batteries, require periodic recharging to maximize battery life. For most secondary-cell batteries, finding a charger is relativ... Read More »

How to Build a Simple Battery Charger?

You might already have everything you need to make a simple battery charger. Look through that collection of "wall warts," those little plug-in chargers for cell phones and the like, and find one t... Read More »

How to Build an Auto Battery Charger?

A lead acid battery, such as those used in automotive electrical systems, must be recharged periodically to maximize battery life. A battery is recharged when the automobile is started and has been... Read More »