How to Build a Cajun Microwave?

Answer Cajun cooking is some of the best in the world. The original Cajuns were French-born immigrants who migrated south from Acadia, Canada. They were originally French speakers, and their language beca... Read More »

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How to Build an Easy Microwave Stand?

You don't have to choose between having your microwave located in a convenient location and valuable counter space. You can make a microwave stand today and have it ready to be use tomorrow. Only a... Read More »

If a recipe says heat someting for 3 minutes in a microwave, but you dont have a microwave.....?

What is it??? With only that information, I'd ballpark it at 20 min. on 350º.But I can't promise that will work, man!! That's really vague.edit:HAHA dude you must be messing with me. You could ... Read More »

Do you like "Cajun Cooking"?

I love it and have cried since copeland died ..and they all went out of business..Copelands was the best ever!spinach and artichoke w bow tie pasta fried up..and gumbo and blackened prime rib nothi... Read More »

New Orleans non-cajun restaurants?

I'm from New Orleans and I can tell you, Cajun resturaunts are not the dominant resturaunt market. I grew up in Lakeview close to Metairie and the resturaunts there are quite diverse.So this will b... Read More »