How to Build a Cajon Box Drum?

Answer The term "cajon" is Spanish for a crate or box, and the cajon drum is indeed a simple box with some added features. The cajon has a wooden playing surface in the front, and the sound hole is locate... Read More »

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DIY Cajon Drum?

A cajon is a type of percussion instrument constructed out of a wooden box with a playing surface. The sound is created by striking the surface of the instrument. The sound reverberates inside the ... Read More »

How to Play a Bongo Cajon Drum?

Cajon drums have origins in West and Central Africa, where they were developed by slaves in the 1800s. The original cajons were constructed using shipping crates or dresser drawers. Today, the cajo... Read More »

How to Build a Cajon?

CajonA cajon (pronounced /ka'xɔn/) is a wooden box drum producing both a bass and a snare drum sound. It is not too hard and very rewarding to build.

How to Build a Drum Set?

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