How to Build a CD Rack?

Answer Protecting CDs usually means keeping them in plastic boxes, but keeping them organized can become difficult if the plastic boxes slip and slide on a shelf. Building a wooden rack not only keeps the... Read More »

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How Do I Build a Saddle Rack?

Hanging saddle racks allow more saddles to be stored in the same location, using wall space instead of taking up floor space. Floor space can then be used to store grooming equipment, cleaning equi... Read More »

How to Build a Kayak Rack?

If you're tired of finding critters crawled up in your kayak or dumping water out after a rainstorm, it's time for you to build a kayak rack. Here's a quick, clean design that will rack up to thre... Read More »

How to Build a Tire Rack?

Garages and shops can easily become cluttered with many items in them. Shelving can solve a lot of your problems by clearing up floor space; but then there are spare tires that take up a lot of spa... Read More »

How to Build a Headache Rack?

Bulkhead (Headache rack) A strong wall-like structure placed at the front of a flatbed trailer (or on the rear of the tractor) used to protect the driver against shifting cargo during a front-end c... Read More »