How to Build a Bug Cage?

Answer Bug cages are used to keep small insects for observation or entertainment. Children enjoy catching fireflies and keeping them for a small time in a cage. Entomologists also use bug cages of various... Read More »

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How to Build a Rat Cage?

Do you need a new cage for your ratties? Here are several ways to build a ratty cage.

How to Build an Iguana Cage?

Iguanas are large, cold-blooded animals that require a very specific environment in which to thrive. When they are young, iguanas can easily fit in a store-bought aquarium. As iguanas grow an aquar... Read More »

How to Build a Reptile Cage?

A reptile cage, or reptarium, must do more than keep your reptile inside. It must provide it a safe, comfortable home and allow your reptile to enjoy its natural behaviors. The needs of reptiles va... Read More »

How to Build a PVC Shooting Cage?

Shooting cages are used to make shooting practice safer. When clay pigeons are launched and the gunner aims for the pigeon, the cage will stop the shooter from aiming too far to the left or right. ... Read More »