How to Build a Boat Out of a Milk Jug?

Answer Kids love to do arts and crafts. Planning a craft to do with your children is a great way to promote their gross motor skills, encourage creativity and slip in a lesson about the craft as you are w... Read More »

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Film about family reunion where kids build a boat and send off their grandfather on a burning boat?

I don't know, but it's been driving me nuts. Nobody else I've pointed it out to can see that it's not the same girl at the beginning and at the end. And why would they even use an original commerci... Read More »

How to Build a Little Boat?

Little boats are perfect for trips around the lake. They fit on the roof of your car and in the back of truck beds, they are great for spontaneous camping trips.

How to Build a Boat Anchor?

A boat anchor is any device that will keep a boat anchored in one place. Most owners of larger boats will purchase a lightweight anchor with flukes that will not only dig into the bottom, but also ... Read More »

How to Build a Boat Blind?

There are many different types of boat blinds. Some can even come with amenities such as TVs and heaters; however, whichever you choose, simple or luxurious, the ducks really don't care. The import... Read More »